Maritime’s exploration potential and near-term development opportunities continue to build momentum for a viable and robust mining operation in the foreseeable future, and beyond. Success for Maritime and our stakeholders, requires an integration of ESG values in everything we do. We continue to create positive and impactful relationships with our stakeholders through timely and transparent interaction. As we progress the Hammerdown Project closer to development, we remain committed to exploring opportunities which promote regional economic growth and supporting local industry capacity, building and strengthening transferrable skills for future generations. Achieving maximum value from our resource and creating lasting benefits for our communities, in an environmentally responsible manner is simply how we do business.

Maritime Sustainability Report

“We will invest in the development of our employees at all levels to provide a productive work environment that is respectful, fair and to high ethical standards.”
“We will ensure transparent engagement to build lasting relationships with local communities, collecting feedback to continuously improve.”
We will minimize our operating footprint, and invest in mitigating the impacts of our operations on the natural environment
“We will identify and mitigate hazards to ensure healthy and safe workplaces for our employees, contractors and visitors.”
“We will engage with our educators and youth to enhance and enrich the learning environment and provide meaningful student employment.”
“We will provide opportunities for existing business, support new business development and maximize local hiring.”

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