Gull Pond Ridge


The Gull Pond Ridge property is situated in the southern part of the Baie Verte Peninsula, Newfoundland’s largest and most prolific mining districts, hosting 9 past producing base metal and gold mines and 2 currently producing mines. The property lies immediately east of the Baie Verte Line, which is described as a complex zone of reactivated shear zones and faults that separate obducted ophiolitic crust and underlying mantle from the Laurentian continental margin (Humber Zone) to the west with the diverse oceanic rocks of the Dunnage Zone of central Newfoundland to the east.

The Gull Pond Ridge property lies within the Notre Dame subzone of the Dunnage Zone. It is underlain by the Late Ordovician to Early Silurian Burlington Granodiorite (446–432 Ma) in the central and eastern part of the property and appears to be early synvolcanic with respect to Late Ordovician to Early Silurian, continental volcanic and sedimentary cover sequences of the Micmac Lake Group occupying the western part of the property. The Burlington Granodiorite is comprised of predominantly foliated to gneissic hornblende-biotite granodiorite. In the central portion of the property the Burlington granodiorite is intruded by the Gull Ridge Pluton, interpreted to be part of the King’s Point volcanic complex and consisting of amphibolite-biotite peralkaline monzogranite. The Micmac Lake Group to the west, unconformably overlies the Burlington Granodiorite and is comprised of a thick sequence of subaerial felsic volcanic rocks, dominated by maroon to red, quartz-feldspar porphyritic pyroclastic tuffs and ignimbrites, basalt, arkosic sandstone and pink to red pebble to boulder conglomerate.

The Gull Pond Ridge property has recently been recognized by Maritime Resources Corp as a significant underexplored target area for base and precious metals. The area was largely unexplored by early exploration campaigns in the region.   During the 2019 exploration season Maritime will complete a comprehensive compilation of all historical exploration data completed over the Gull Pond Ridge property area. Field work in 2019 will consist of field mapping, prospecting and focused geochemistry. The results of the 2019 work will help Maritime to complete a larger more detailed exploration program based on interpreted mineralizing models.

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