As a responsible resource developer, Maritime remains focused on minimizing operational footprints for all projects, and for all phases of development.  Our investment will always include measures to minimize potential impacts of our operations on the natural environment, and mitigation strategies which aid in future rehabilitation and biodiversity.

Operationally, our planned use of ore sorting technology will remove waste dilution from future run-of-mine feed producing a concentrated product for transport to Maritime's existing gold circuit at the Nugget Pond Mill.  Keeping this dilution at the mine greatly reduces truck traffic and greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 50%.  Tailings would be stored in an existing and fully permitting tailings impoundment area at the Nugget Pond site.

Provincial Env Assessment Approval

The Hammerdown site, having less than a 3 square kilometer footprint, was subject to a comprehensive provincial environment assessment.  Key results from the study indicated:

  • no flora or fauna species at risk;
  • no fish habitat;
  • non-acid generating waste rock; 

Our access to clean hydroelectricity, and planned ore sorting technology will significantly diminish annual greenhouse gas emissions to less than 15kt annually.  

Regulatory And Permitting

Through the EA process, Maritime has developed and received approval for many of the supporting plans that are required prior to the start of construction.

  • Water Management Plan;
  • Waste Management Plan;
  • Employment and Benefits Agreement;
  • Gender Equity and Diversity Plan;
  • Best Available Control Technology Plan;

Pursuant to the Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Protection Act (Part X), the “Hammerdown Gold Project – Environmental Assessment Registration” was submitted on July 6, 2020.

Link to document here.

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